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Our Story


This isn't just about swimwear. Isn't it about time that you feel good in a swimsuit? A swimsuit that feels good, looks and does good?

Our mission is to create beautiful, functional swimwear for women to suit up and explore the world with confidence, beauty, and ease.  We do this through quality, ethical, eco-friendly products that are designed and made in the Portgual, and ready to stick with you through your wildest adventures.

Our swimwear is made to move and fits perfectly into your lifestyle - no compromises. So whether you are jumping off a cliff, riding a wave, or just sipping a caipirinha at a local beach bar, we've got you covered. 

This is about more than just swimwear.  Here's to all the adventures that are calling your name.  

Born in Brazil. Made in Portugal 
Worn Across the Globe. 

So why Now in Rio? As the song "Girl From Rio" goes, hot girls where I am from, we don't look like models, tan lines, big curves and the energy glows, you'll be falling in love with the girl from Rio. 

It is a swimwear line that promotes the carioca lifestyle —that carioca alma [soul].

Carioca [n]: a person who is from Rio de Janeiro 

Transport yourself to Rio de Janeiro. Caipirinha in hand, bossa nova rhythms move you, the bustling city is always alive, yet the tranquility of the sea is never too far away. It's a place where time stands still and where you leave all your worries behind.

A Carioca has an easy-going and friendly attitude that embraces others, takes pride in the beauty of Rio, and above all, celebrates life at every moment.

Carioca's are effortlessly charming, uninhibited, and laid back. Their smile can be infectious. The Carioca culture is known for its openness, diversity, and inclusivity, welcoming everyone with open arms. Being a carioca is a way of life — simple, relaxed, and informal. And above all else, nothing is more carioca than going to the beach.

Hello, My name is Yvonne

Swimwear has always been a challenge. As a curvy woman, I’ve always yearned for swimsuits that looked chic, felt good and stayed put. Swimsuit shopping was always a nightmare - I never found one that fit quite right. When I moved to Rio, I found myself living in bikinis day in and out. And yet, even in the bikini capital of the world, I never found one that I really LOVED. Yes, I surfed in those triangle tops and tie-up bottoms, but I found myself adjusting myself more than enjoying myself. 

So I decided to do something about it. 

I wanted to encapsulate that carioca feeling in a collection of swimwear that looked good, felt great and also was good for the environment. When I started on this journey, I had no experience in fashion design, but I knew what I wanted and I brought in experts who could help us bring the vision to life.

So along with my team, we created ethical, eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful swimwear.  Each and every one of these suits are made intentionally and thoughtfully with hours of detailed design to empower you to embrace the carioca spirit — live in the moment, set yourself free, allow yourself to be captivated by the joy of living, and feel limitless on your unique journey.

Made by women for women.