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Now in Rio Swim Review: A Week In The French Countryside
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Now in Rio Swim Review: A Week In The French Countryside

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This guest post was written by Kimmy Costa, a real Now in Rio Swim customer.  

As I pack my suitcase I can’t stop my mind wandering. I’m thinking of the lush landscape of the French countryside, smelling the lavender and tasting the cheese. But first things first, I have to make sure that my bag is packed.

However fun a trip might be, packing might be one of my least favourite activities. My suitcase always seems too small, and I never know if I’m bringing enough underwear.

Inevitably I get to the point where I have to choose which bathing suits I’m bringing with me. My latest purchase makes my decision much easier. My Now In Rio bikinis are the most recent addition to my ever-growing collection of swimsuits and I could not be happier. Not only are they buttery soft, but they are also reversible and sustainable.

One of the things that helps me when I’m packing is picking pieces that are versatile and that can serve multiple purposes. This means I can take less items without sacrificing function or style.

The Now In Rio Maracujá top is a great example. It’s a swimsuit top, but it’s also a sports bra. What more can I ask for? I always take my sports gear with me when I travel, because I like doing my workouts, even when I’m on the go. But even more important than that, it allows me to be at the beach or the pool, feeling secure, without worrying about spilling or nip-slips. All the while still looking fabulous.

I eagerly pack both my Now In Rio tops and the mid-rise bottoms into my suitcase, zip it all up and I am ready to go. 

A plane ride and car ride later, we arrive at our destination, the beautiful French countryside where I will spend a week hanging out with my friends and lounging by the pool. Exactly what I need. 

In no time the pool cover is off, and the blow-up unicorn is floating in the water. We spend our days laying on the sun-beds, drinking wine and eating cheese - seriously, there was a lot of cheese. My time in the French countryside was soul-quenching and I loved how effortlessly the Now in Rio Swim pieces fit into my daily adventures in and out of the water. 

In the morning, for example, my friends and I go into town to get our daily baguette and almond croissants for breakfast. I jump into my Maracujá top and put on some bike shorts over my mid-rise bottoms and head downstairs to meet the girls. Two of us jump onto bikes and the other two decide to run. I breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the sunflower fields as we whizz past. When we come back, sweating from the ride, we jump straight into the pool to cool off before feasting on freshly baked bread and croissants.

In fact, most of time was spent in the pool and the Dois Irmãos and Maracujá tops allowed me to let go and have fun. Not only did I not worry for a second about what my body looked like in my swimsuit, I also felt secure when I was doing canon-balls into the deep end.

I especially loved the mid-rise bottoms as have a super flattering cut, hitting me at the exact point in my mid-riff that makes me feel confident.

And once we climbed out of the water and dried off, my Now in Rio Swim pieces transitioned perfectly into crop tops that paired with high-waister shorts. 

All in all, I can honestly say that my experience with Now In Rio’s swimsuits could not have been better.

As a bustier girl who cares about the environment, I felt defeated by what was offered to me by other brands. I want to look cute, but I also want to be able to run, jump, and swim while I’m at the pool or beach.

Now In Rio ticks all of the boxes for me. Plus, I don’t need to bring a sports bra, I have an extra top in my repertoire, and I can mix and match with my other swimsuits. It’s definitely a win-win.